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Steve Miller, CEO is Invited as Guest Traffic Ticket Expert on Radio Talk Show

On May 6th, 2009, Steve Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters of California was invited as a representative traffic ticket expert on the #1 Northern California Radio Talk Station, KRXA 540 (AM) and Energy 92.7 Pure Dance (FM).  The topic of the show was Highway Robbery.

After some technical difficulty at the beginning of the show, the topics of discussion included an incident in Texas where a police officer demanded thousands of dollars in cash for a driver he had cited.  The man had in excess of $8,000 in cash as he was on his way to purchase a new vehicle.  The case has sparked discussions all over the country about traffic tickets. 

The remainder of the show was dedicated to California-related traffic tickets, violations, horror stories and informative facts Steve Miller shares about the current state of law enforcement in California and how demand for increased revenue plays a role in traffic tickets.

To listen to the radio show, please visit http://www.ticketbust.com (scroll down past the videos to the audio file). 

If you have any questions about how to beat traffic tickets and fight speeding tickets, similar to the numerous callers into the show, please feel free to contact our experts at 800.850.8038, info@ticketbust.com or visit www.TicketBust.com

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