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Ticket Busters of California Helps It’s Clients Fight Traffic Tickets

We have recently received two more client testimonials (unsoliciated by our staff) from customers who are thrilled with our service (below)  It is an honor to be ackwlowledged by our clients and we would welcome the chance to do the same for you if you are faced with a traffic ticket, speeding ticket, red light tickets, cell phone violation or red light camera ticket.  Feel to free to give our staff a call at 800.850.8058, or provide your ticket information online at http://ticketbust.com/beattraffictickets/fight-a-traffic-ticket.html 🙂


Dear Ticket Busters of California,
I just wanted to let you know I received a court response today on my ticket# T694669. They judged me not guilty and are sending me back my $202 ticket bail.   I don’t know how you did it but thank you. I am very impressed. I suspect we will be talking again in the future, but hopefully not for some time.
Michael W., Orange County

————and this one from Jim in San Diego———–

Dear Steven,
I have received the TR-215 Decision and Notice of Decision.  I am absolutely astonished by the court decision of Dismiss.  The personal check was cashed some time ago, so I thought that it was all over.  Now the clerk of the court has to reimburse me for the check amount.  I just want to say that because of your unique method of articulating the facts; you have proven that your company, The Original Ticket Busters, does do exactly what it is suppose to do.  I am so pleased with the outcome and the fact that my unblemished driving record in California will remain clean.  If there is a recommendation that I may be able to make with respect to the success of your company, please let me know.  So I just want to say thank you very much!

Best regards,
Jim K., San Diego

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