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TicketBust.com Announce New Campaign to Fight Scandalous Websites

Steve Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters of California announces Their Launch of ‘Fight Scandalous Sites’ Campaign

Recently Ticket Busters of California has become victim to a growing revenue scam on the Internet via a popular complaint site. “After investigating our options to rebut the complaint, our staff was astonished to find that there is a growing trend over the Internet of site like these; those allowing anyone to post a negative comment about any business or individual,” explained Steven Miller, CEO for Ticket Busters. With that information, Ticket Busters decided to launch a ‘Fight Scandalous Sites’ Campaign.

Miller goes on to say that, “our staff found limited ways to combat the complaints and other negative comments, other than to pay the site owner to contest the complaint or ‘monitor’ their site for removal of these comments”. While these sites do not charge any fee for the posting of these potentially scandalous comments, they charge the business or individual whom the complaint was lodged against. Also, these sites do not verify the legitimacy of the commandant or make any attempt to verify the legitimacy of the complaint. Ticket Busters found numerous stories from other business owners about postings that turned out to be from competititors or disgruntled ex-employees that were simply trying to bring negative attention to the business.

Ticket Busters of California decided that it was important to bring public awareness to this revenue generating and slanderous practice. In their campaign release, Ticket Busters pleads with the general consumer to, “please be careful not to believe everything you read on the Internet. Here is an example of a very popular complaint site and the lawsuits being brought against the company for allowing anyone to write anything:


“ The campaign goes on to add, “did you know, as an example that a good amount of the activity on these sites are either shakedown artists or complaints initiated by competition? Help us in our efforts at Ticketbust.com to put an end to erroneous and misguided complaints by not clicking on the negative postings of these sites in the search engine results. The more clicks they get, the more popular these scandalous sites become. We want to annihilate these scandalous sites from the legitimate listings of Google and other search engines”.

If you would like to discuss your concerns with our CEO directly, please call 800.850.8038 or post a comment here. 

For additional information on the Ticket Busters Campaign to Fight Scandalous Sites, please visit http://www.ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/index.asp . For more information on fighting scandalous sites, please visit our “Scandalous Site Resources and Links” page at http://www.ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/inbound.asp . If you would like more information on how you can Join the Fight Against Scandalous Sites, including adding our “Help Fight Scandalous Sites” icon to your website, check out our Join the Fight page at http://www.ticketbust.com/fight-scandalous-sites/join-the-fight.asp or call 800.850.8038.

About Ticket Busters of California: Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com), located in Westlake Village, California, was founded in 2004 by Steven F. Miller. This service has assisted tens of thousands of Californians with filing the necessary paperwork to dismiss their traffic tickets. Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com) was originally created to alleviate the tedious and time-consuming process of attempting to contest a traffic ticket on your own. Mr. Miller wanted to create a fully automated and user-friendly online service for California drivers to submit their traffic ticket information and process the necessary documents. Unfortunately, there will always be a small percent of people that are unhappy and are free to post whatever they like, whether it is true or not, on unsavory sites like complaints.com, etc. Of this small percent of our client base, we have found that many of those did not read our Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions, which we encourage our website visitors to do throughout the site. We also always strongly encourage clients to give us their feedback directly so that we can work to resolve their issues. In five years, we have processed over 12,000 tickets for our clients and are a member in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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