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The Unsolicited Client Appreciation of Our Document Filing Service Keeps Coming

It is always so nice to receive notes like the following. As we get these compliments on our traffic ticket document filing service, we will continue to share them with you….

Dear Ticketbust,

I have always been somewhat skeptical when it comes to “money back guarantees”. My level of trust was still active and raw after receiving a speeding ticket, purchasing an $60 Fight your ticket book and then searching the web for information.
I had several replies from scammers in Zimbabwe to people proclaiming to be “experts in the industry of getting rid of tickets”. And the book basically said hire a lawyer or you are scr–ed !!!
Your site seemed honest and straight to the point.
I enlisted your services, someone; “a live person” called me soon after. I followed your instructions to the letter; called to check on “my ticket status” several times. (your staff always pleasant and answered any questions I had).
I have just received my fine amount, bail, back from the local court……which means; I was informed by the nice young lady in your office..(Amanda)…….I WON well you WON on my behalf.
You folks are the BEST……………Thank You Soooooooooooo much
Best to you all at TICKETBUST …and give Amanda, Christina and Steven a raise or at least diner and drinks !!!
Thank you sooo much,
Gary T., El Sobrante Ca.

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