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Traffic Violations in California Frequently Asked Questions

To make the ordeal of getting traffic violations in California as stress-free as possible, we have compiled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. For some folks who are not ’veterans’ at navigating the court system here in California, we hope this helps!

So I just got a traffic violation, what now?

There is no fine amount listed, just a court date. Look at the fine print (especially on the back of the traffic violation). If you do not find the information you are looking for regarding on the ticket, traffic violations always have some sort of contact information printed on them for the courts. Do not be afraid to call the court, they can actually be pretty helpful for general questions and it does not represent an admission of guilt just by making a phone call.

I cannot read what is on the Traffic Violation, what do I do?

Many of us have gotten frustrated after that cop pulls away and ‘crumpled’ up traffic violations only to find later that it is now almost impossible to read all the fine print and handwritten notes. Don’t worry! A “Notice to Appear” will be sent shortly to the address listed with your Driver’s License at DMV. You can also call the court listed on the ticket and they can clarify any information and expedite the mailing of the Notice to Appear.

What If I Believe the Cop was Wrong and I Want to Fight the Traffic Violation?

Many drivers have received traffic violations that they believe are false and ‘want their day in court’. It is quite simple. Simply call the court and say that you want to contest it. Or, on the day that you are supposed to show up at court, simply tell them that you would like to have a trial. However, did you know that, with our process, you may never need to end up in court at all?  We strive to get your traffic violation dismissed (using a process that includes a “Trial by Written Declaration”) rather than having our clients contest their traffic tickets in court. Simply give us a call at 800.850.8038.

We hope this information has helped. If you need more in-depth answers, feel free to contact us or visit our site and click on the full FAQs link on our site. Have something to add? We would appreciate your feedback. we sincerely wish you good luck with your traffic violations!

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