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Anothor Success Story Where Ticket Busters Beat a Speeding Ticket

“Here’s my story and I hope it forfills you with enrichment and that it gives
you inspiration. Recently an officer pulled me over claiming I was doing 65
down a hill in my Big Rig in a 55 mph posted speed limit. I was shocked with
thoughts randomly crossing my mind points,costs,how would it effect my
career and of course the ticket itself, I was unsure how this would all
effect me but I knew 1 thing I needed help. After numerous phone calls lots
of sweat from the worries one thing was certain I was not about to give up.
After numerous searches and plenty of calls one place stood out above the
rest. They didn’t guarentee me anything or falsify hopes to instill me with
but the feeling I got from each individual assured me that they would do
there best to protect my rights. It all started with a phone call to
Ticketbust a lady named Cristina listened to what had happened to me and
paired me up with a lady named A
and her assistant named Amanda to represent me and of course we all know
who Steve is. Each one played an essential role in assisting me. Just from
getting to speak with each one made my confidence rise to a phonominal
level. Alexis the lady representing me found a flaw in my ticket ( Which I
lost the original copy and the duplicate copy was crinkled I’m sure didn’t
make her job much easier )with in seconds, that alone astonished me I was
very impressed. She not only got my ticket dismissed and we are talking
about California and a hefty fine of 435 dollars she also kept my liscense
clean of points plus I’ve been notified by the State of California that my
money is being returned to me ” All Of IT “. Her words the day she said to
me let’s see if we can’t get this dismissed for you by Golly she meant it.
That’s why it’s important to never give up. They might not get every ticket
dismissed but best believe they are very sincere honest and will try harder
then anyone. If theres a flaw in a ticket they are going to find it I’d put my
faith in there hands before I’d ever call another ticket fighter. Thank you
ticketbust for keeping my job in a “win win” situation and most of all thank
you for getting my ticket dismissed ! Sincerely R. N. Miami”

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