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Another Happy Customer

We found this customer comment on the Better Business Bureau site:
I received a ticket in Agoura Hills and used TicketBust.com in hopes of not having the ticket on my driving record or wasting time and money going to a traffic school. I took a calculated risk while I was driving, knowing that what I was about to do was against the law, and that I might get a ticket, which I did. I did not hear back from the court for quite some time after TicketBust handled my case, but one year after receiving the ticket I received a letter from the court stating that my case was dismissed and I am to get a refund from the court for the bail paid! No need to attend traffic school, no raised insurance premiums, and I still have traffic school available for my next ticket, if necessary. I highly recommend the use of TicketBust.com. When I signed up with TicketBust I thought that at least they guarantee a win or else I’d get my money back, figuring that I’d probably be getting my money back, but they did fight for me and I won!!

Wayne S.
San Luis Obispo, CA

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