Our Clients ROCK!

We received this outstanding recommendation and wanted to share it with you:
“Dear Steven:

You know what?  You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how you did it, and I will admit that I was VERY skeptical to say the least when I first signed up for your program, but a couple weeks ago I received a form letter in the mail from the court. NOT GUILTY!!!!
(WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!) And to make it even sweeter, they said I was getting my $334.00 fine refunded, not to mention NO POINTS on my license either! (Oh YAH!)

It was even better a few days later, when the check came in that REFUNDED my money! Now THAT was a GREAT DAY!!!! I NEVER thought that anything like this could happen. EVER!!

I always believed that once those greedy bas***ds got their mitts on ‘yer money, it was a done deal, and you’d NEVER get it back!

Oh! And if you want to, you may certainly use me for an online reference. You even have my permission to use my full name, address, e-mail, phone number, whatever you like, because you have absolutely sold me that you are for real!

I’d be HAPPY to tell anyone who wants to hear about it. Heck, I already AM telling anyone I meet. And I have already sent two of my friends to your website for your help.

Thank you VERY much! (?? Did I already tell you that you guys ROCK????) 😀

most sincerely,

John S. in Long Beach, CA “

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