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Our Latest Press Release: Ticket Busters has Expanded Corporate Office and Made Staff Modifications due to Rapid Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Westlake Village, United States, 04/24/2010 – The Original Ticket Busters of California (ticketbust.com), providing document filing service for drivers who find themselves in possession of a California speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, has expanded their Corporate Offices as well as added and promoted company employees. Rapid growth, enhanced services and increased revenues were the key factors in Ticket Busters decision to take over a neighboring office and essentially doubling their office space to approximately 3,500 sq. ft.

Since its inception seven years ago, the firm’s growth is evident in the number of traffic ticket cases being processed per week. Ticket Buster’s staff is currently processing over 100 cases per week. Now, with a staff of eight, the additional space will accommodate new staff as well as provide secured space for records and documents and space for the companies continued growth.

“We’ve expanded our case load when saving money is more important than ever. With the economic conditions facing California drivers, our service saves clients money in increased insurance premiums and assures them that they typically will not have to take time off work to deal with their ticket headaches in a courtroom. With this increase in business, we decided it was time to add employees and space,” noted Steven Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com).

In conjunction with the expansion, Ticket Busters is pleased to announce the promotion of Kim Dunstan from Customer Services to Sales. “Kim has always been a great asset to the team and clients enjoy working with her. The move to our Sales Department will further utilize Kim’s strengths and we are excited about these changes,” said Mr. Miller.

Ticket Busters is also excited to announce that they have added two new staff members in April. Plans included hiring a new receptionist on April 1st, 2010 and adding another Traffic Ticket Caseworker on April 15th, 2010.

About Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com)

The Original Ticket Busters of California (ticketbust.com), located in Westlake Village, California, was founded in 2004 by Steven F. Miller. The TicketBust service has assisted thousands of Californians with filing the necessary paperwork to dismiss their traffic tickets. Ticket Busters was originally created to alleviate the tedious and time consuming process of attempting to contest a traffic ticket. Mr. Miller wanted to create a fully automated and user-friendly online service for California drivers to submit their traffic ticket information and process the necessary documents.

The Original Ticket Busters of California (ticketbust.com)
5716 Corsa Avenue, Suite 104
Westlake Village, CA 91362.
Please contact Steven Miller at (800) 850-8038 or steve[@]ticketbust.com for more information.

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