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A Customer with Strong Feelings about Fighting Speeding Tickets

First, to call Ticket Bust a scam is disingenuous at best. You should have had ZERO expectations to win your case. It is a 50/50 shot to win so suck it up!

Second, I had ZERO faith that Ticket Bust would win but I pursued this angel purely on principal. Yes I did win the case and would like to thank Ticket Bust immensely, it was well worth the gamble but for me that was just the icing on the cake.

I think all our tax dollars are completely WASTED when a cop is stationed on the side of “OUR” roads we all pay for and radar speeders whom may or may not be unreasonably exceeding the speed limit. This can only be interpreted as absolute abuse of power to collect revenue. A police state! This very act by “OUR” police is outrageous and you should be extremely outraged! Show your outrage by fitting it, tie up the courts with paperwork of appeals and send a message! This is what is called a “police state” and that is NOT what we hire police for!
We hire police for:
– Protection against physical harm
– Protection against drunk drivers
– Protection against truly erratic drivers or extreme speeding(racing)
– Protection against gangs
– Protection against unlicensed drivers

Protection against a whole litany of dangers besides our 10 or 15 mile per hour over the speed limit. A speed we were probably comfortable with, performing safely based on our surroundings and not with malice. This is just insane and we should all fight our tickets if we do not fit the bulleted profile as I listed!

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