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California Newscaster Gets Another Speeding Ticket and Beats It with TicketBust.com

To: Steven F. Miller
Subject: Testimonial

Thank God for Ticket Bust!!!! I hadn’t got a ticket in 20 years and then three years ago I got a speeding ticket. I contacted Ticket Bust and they got my ticket dismissed. Then a few months later a traffic camera claimed I turned illegally on a red light. I got the ticket in the mail and immediately called Ticket Bust. Dismissed!!!  Recently another speeding ticket on I 5. The CHP was right behind me and wrote me up. I thought sure I was busted and couldn’t beat this one, but I thought what the heck … Contact Ticket Bust …. I just learned today … The ticket was dismissed!

These folks are professional ticket busters.  They fight for our rights and take a good look at every individual case. I am three for three, but just the same I am more careful and a better driver in part due to the great team of experts at Ticket Bust. Drive carefully, but don’t give up if you do get a ticket! Contact Ticket Bust … You have nothing to lose. The police are more aggressive than ever before … Mandated to issue more tickets to raise more money for their cities, counties and state…. You have friends that are willing to fight that ticket for you!  Thanks again Ticket Bust, but God Willing I won’t need to contact you again … But if I do …. Well … Thanks for being there!
Steve Schill
KPSP Local TV Channel 2
Weekend WX

See the TV Interview where Steve Schill discusses TicketBust.com with Steve Miller, CEO

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