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As Seen on PR Web, TicketBust is Proud to Announce a Milestone of Servicing 20,000 Clients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Westlake Village, United States, 06/10/2010 – The Original Ticket Busters of California (ticketbust.com), providing document filing services for drivers who find themselves in possession of a California speeding ticket or other traffic ticket, has hit the milestone of having served 20,000 clients.

Since TicketBust.com first went online in 2004, the Ticket Buster’s staff has strived for rapid growth and enhanced services while maintaining superior one-on-one personal service. Once California drivers began using the TicketBust.com services, the word began to get out via client referrals, endorsements and reviews. In addition to client word of mouth, TicketBust traffic ticket experts have become a source for published articles, radio talk shows and television. To read the articles, hear the radio talk shows or view the TV videos, please go to TicketBust.com.

Steven Miller, CEO of Ticket Busters (ticketbust.com) said, “Reaching this milestone of serving 20,000 California drivers is an exciting announcement by our firm. Our goal has always been to provide one-on-one personal service to each and every client, all 20,000 of them! We are looking forward to continuing to be our clients’ advocate through our document filing service and reaching the next milestone. I want to sincerely thank our staff for their excellent customer service, without them we could never have met this milestone.”

Since its inception, the firm’s growth is evident in the number of traffic ticket cases being processed per week. Now, with a staff of nine, Ticket Buster’s is currently processing over 100 cases per week.

“With the economic conditions facing California drivers, our service is more important than ever. We save our clients money in increased insurance premiums and assure them that they typically will not have to take time off work to deal with their ticket headaches in a courtroom,” Mr. Miller added.

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