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TicketBust Makes the Ticket-Busting Process Easier than Ever

STEP ONE–Download Documents

To complete the initial Ticket Busting process, please download the following documents by clicking on each link below to open the document. After you open the document please print each document. If you cannot open a document, please call 818-706-3275 and a representative can email or fax you any document you may require:

Trial By Declaration
Engagement Letter
Court Delivery Authorization
Credit Card Authorization
These files are in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free if you don’t have it from Adobe’s Website.

STEP TWO – Print Documents
After you have downloaded these documents, please print and sign each document as follows. Please do NOT fill out the Trial by Written Declaration documents, only sign, print your name and date.

Trial by Written Declaration – Print 3 copies, sign only
Engagement Letter – Print 1 copy, sign, print your name and date
Court Delivery Authorization – Print 1 copy, select only ONE option and sign
Credit Card Authorization – If you are paying by credit card, please print, fill out, and sign this document

STEP THREE – Payment
Payment may be made by credit card or check. To pay by credit card, please call ticketbust.com at 800-850-8038 and speak to one of our representatives to set up your account. If you would rather pay by check, you may make a check out to ticketbust.com in the amount of $249 for our Ticketbust.com Service Fee – $100 and the Document Processing Fee – $149

STEP FOUR – Mail Documents
Please mail ALL documents and a copy of your traffic ticket, Courtesy notice and bail check to:

5716 Corsa Avenue, Suite 104
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Once we have received ALL your information, one of our representatives will contact you to review your ticket and prepare your documents for submission to the court.

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