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New Client Rating for our Ticket Busting Service

Found on Insider pages….

seraphine s.’s Review of: TicketBust quite a professional team (rating 5 out of 5)

 And this posted on the BBB website  “TICKET BUSTERS… with my photos,a phone interview and  some internet research on y part, they were able to write a legal  brief that ultimately got my speeding ticket dismissed!!!!!! YEAH!!!!  This ends up costing less than the ticket, no points off my record, no  traffic school and last but not least, no stress… Well worth the  $$$s sent to TICKET BUSTERS… I would have gone to court in person to  fight my own defense, been stressed and probably not legal “enough” IN  COURT ’cause that’s not my professional experience… I’ve always told  MY clients, “You are a pro in your field and I am one in mine. Let’s  do our jobs… TB did their job… they made this process sooo much  easier and less stressful… Even if I’d loss, it was worth the  release from the stress… OUT OF 5 STARS… I GIVE THEM 5+ stars “

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