New Testimonials from Client who Beat their Traffic Tickets

The following are some recently received client success stories and Testimonials:

“Dear Sirs, This is just to let you know how pleased I am to receive from the LA Superior Court, a note of dismissal of the above named ticket. They have forwarded today a check in the amount of $222.00 which I paid to the court. I am deeply grateful to you for your wonderful work. I am also impressed with your staff, Christina, and others who has been very positive from the beginning, and were very helpful to me. You really helped me greatly with this matter. More importantly I have become a more attentive driver now. Thank you very much again for your wonderful work. I am very fortunate to find your company. Blessings! Yours sincerely, Peter H C”

Video Testimonial found here

R.A. in California “TicketBust is AWESOME! Great service! The employees were super friendly and answered all of my questions. I have used them for multiple tickets and have always gotten them dismissed. My boyfriend referred me to them, he has also gotten a couple [of] tickets dismissed. Their service is fast and painless, I only had to do a couple of things and they handled the rest. Very happy with their services and will definitely use them again.”

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