New Client Testimonials – April 28, 2011

Roland L., Studio City, Review of: Ticketbust

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tickbuster’s is a great service

Hey, I thought these things were a scam! So, I did a little research and I took a leap of faith and inquired about your service. Ticketbuster sent the paper work and got busy. I received a ticket in 11/10 for “crossing the dbl line” into HOV lane. I even procrastinated up until a week before I was to go to court to pay for the service. I arrived in court and 45min later the judge says… “ticket dissmised”. Ticketbusters did it and it worked! Yes, I spent $249.00 but that ticket was going to cost me at least $466.00+$80.00 court fees+&45.00-75.00 for traffic school that almost $600 or more cause I cant imagine what fees and fines may have been tacked on had I lost…. plus 8-10hrs of my time for traffic school. Now, I have no more hassles with court or the fear that my insurance rates will be going up. Ticketbusters saved me time and money! Thanks Melissa & Brittney! I’m going to reccommend your service to all my freinds if I hear they got a ticket!

 Ibrahim K., Irvine CA, Review of: Ticketbust

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I love ticket bust, they got rid of my speeding ticket. The best

 Scott M., San Clemente CA, Review of: Ticketbust

Posted on (rating 5 of 5 stars)  (rating 5 of 5 stars)

I was referred to Ticketbust by a friend that had great success. I had gotten a ticket while on a business trip, my boss got a ticket about the same time and I shared ticketbust with him too.

Within about 60 days of our submission we both got dismissal letters from our respective courts with our bail enclosed.

Thanks ticketbust,

Scott M.

Ram V.’s, Escondido CA, Review of: TicketBust
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Red Traffic Light – Dismissed! (rating 5 out of 5)

On my way to the Airport, I got a red light violation ticket which was caught on video camera. I thought for sure there was no way out of this. I contacted Ticket Busters who immediately released me of my worries. The ticket has now been dismissed!!! I highly recommend them for anyone who gets a traffic ticket, they will do wonders for you.

 Yumi S., Torrance, CA Review of: TicketBust
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Thanks for the help (rating 4 out of 5)

I was ticketed by a Long Beach motorcycle cop for not using my right turn signal before turning right from a right-turn-only lane. Ticket Bust prepared my Trial by Written Declaration, but the Long Beach judge replied “GUILTY”. Then I went to fight the ticket in person and the motorcycle cop didn’t show up, so my ticket got dismissed. I paid Ticket Bust $250 to get a $220 ticket dismissed, but they gave me confidence and advice regarding trial wording and ettiquette. I’m glad I paid Ticket Bust instead of the corrupt legal system of Long Beach.

Posted on trustlink.orgPaul N – Vista, CA

KICK-ASS Company!! … deed everything they said . My ticket was dismissed and that’s all I wanted, No Point, No traffic school, No fine and No impersonal “Gestapo COP” in your face making he’s quota. …Thank You

Posted on Enrique D – Apple Valley, CA

Got a red light camera ticket. Hired They filed all necessary paperwork for me. I got a notice in the mail that I was found guilty. I then notified ticketbust and they sent me more paperwork to request a new trial. I got a notice from the court that it was granted and it had a date to appear in court. One day later I got a message from the court stating my violation was dismissed!! Ticketbust worked for me. They never said that I would 100% win my case. They did what they said they would do. No fine, no points and no hiked up insurance!! Thanks Ticketbust!!! Enrique Duque

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