Lower Speed Limits?

Lower Speed Limits? -blog submitted by ticketbust.com, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets.  

In California we have a basic speed law, that no one can driver at a speed which is unsafe for the surrounding conditions. We also have default speed limits. 25 on residential streets.  Can’t go more than 55 mph on other roads even if no speed limit is posted. And no more than 65 mph on the freeways, unless there’s a posted 70 mph sign.

What if a local government wants to set a speed limit lower than the default 55 mph?  There has to be a survey done in which several factors are looked at to determine the correct speed for that road. Every several years, a city traffic engineer goes out to the street and uses a radar gun to measure the speed of say 100 cars.  The speed of the 15 fastest cars is discarded and the speed of the fastest car remaining is the “85th percentile speed.”  

As the law is currently, if the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic on the road is 38 mph, the engineer must round up to 40 mph. A new Assembly Bill (AB 529) if passed would allow the city engineer to, instead of rounding up, to round down. Instead of having to round up to 40 mph from 38 mph the speed limit could be posted at 35 instead. –  blog submitted by ticketbust.com, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets. 

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